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Causes of pitted scars

Pitted scars are known to originate from the types of acne caused, but there are still some other causes of wood scars such as:

1. Acne

Acne is one of the most common causes of pitted scars. Especially during puberty, acne often appears more.In addition, other types of acne such as blackheads, cysts , pustules, etc., if not handled in time, will clog pores, leading to skin damage. Severe cases of inflammatory acne still cause pitted scars, even when the acne heals on its own.

2. Chickenpox

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus, with blisters all over the body, along with itching and discomfort.The disease usually heals in 3 to 4 weeks, the chickenpox nodules will dry out on their own and usually do not leave scars. However, in some cases, without careful and proper care, chickenpox spots still leave pitted scars.

The main causes of pitted scars from chickenpox: damaged skin from scratching the blisters too much, causing blisters to burst, severe disease with a skin infection that causes the blisters to turn into pustules, or It is easy to leave scars. The pitted scars from chickenpox grow scattered, not much concentrated and the surface is from 3 to 8mm wide.

3. Accident

An accident is something that we do not know in advance and cause direct damage to each person when encountered. Situations that cause skin dents or pitted scars such as burns, tripping and scratches, wounds after traffic accidents, etc. In this case, the treatment of pitted scars is quite difficult because they quite large in size.

4. Surgery

Although you do not want to have pitted scars on your skin, when you have surgery with cutlery, it will definitely leave scars, big or small. Laparoscopic appendectomy is a common occurrence of pitted scars.

5. Other causes

In addition to the above factors, pitted scars also come from improper skin care, folliculitis, skin abscesses, .. So when you have skin diseases, you should ask your doctor about the sequelae left behind and take care of them. skin properly to limit pitting scars.

Common signs of pitted scars

To recognize pitted scars is not a difficult problem, here are some common signs:

  • Pitted scars are indentations on the surface of the skin that form when damage has healed. Pitted scars are usually smaller than the wound size range and don’t cause pain or discomfort, but leave your skin rough, dry, and rough.
  • During the period of acne, if you do not take care of it properly, it can easily lead to severe inflammatory acne. In this process, the inflammatory acne part is covered with pus and spills into the dermis to destroy skin cells. Lesions easily lead to an overproduction of the enzyme collagenase, an enzyme capable of breaking down collagen and reducing the amount of collagen below the skin’s surface. After the acne lesions heal, pitted scars are created.
  • Depending on where the skin is damaged, pitted scars appear there. But common pitted scars appear on cheeks, chin caused by acne lesions. Besides, depending on the location of each person, the likelihood of pitting acne appearing is high or low. In people who have less scarring than others, when they have inflammatory acne, there is no need to worry about pitting scars.

Common pitted scar locations on facial skin

Skin occupies the entire body, so external influences often cause damage to the skin first. The skin on the face is most damaged because the skin is quite thin. Since then, pitted scars appear , in common locations such as:

1. On the face

The habit of using your hands to squeeze pimples, this is a bad thing because acne spots are more easily infected. Facial skin is smooth and thin, when you put your hands on your face, you inadvertently bring dirt and bacteria from your hands into contact with your skin. At this time, the facial skin protects itself by thickening to protect skin coverage.

The pores have acne bran, acne becomes deeper and easy to form pitted scars when acne is gone. This is a rather special case, the cause of pitted scars is not due to the loss of collagen but due to the thickening of the skin and the concave acne area.

Another part, in women, when the facial skin is exposed to many other cosmetics without carefully removing makeup, causing clogged pores. From there, form acne, the leading cause of pitted scars.

2. Above the nose

Blackheads, usually appear on the nose with tiny particles. Many people think that they are small so there is no risk of scarring. However, blackheads are the cause of pitted scars in many people, especially men. In addition to blackheads that appear on the nose, there are still bran acne that also cause pitting scars.